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The Avon Lions Meet
On the First and Third Wed.
Since the Avon Inn is closing 12/31/2015 we are currently looking for a place to meet.
Please call our President Gary Necaster at 585-245-3651 if you wish to visit.

Meet the 2015 - 2016 Avon Lions Club
Board of Directors

Gary A. Necaster - President
James Carney - Sect
Kevin Patrick - Treasurer
Chris LeBlanc - Lion Tamer
Frank Matusak - Tail Twister
Zachary Clarry - One year Director
Klaas deWaard - One Year Director
Joe Tuchrello - Two Year Director
 Timothy Cole - Two Year Director
Jeffrey Ingersoll -  2nd Vice President
Patrick McCormick - 1st Vice President
Thomas Bartolini - Membership Chairman
C. Thomas Moran -  Immediate Past President

Rules for Avon Lions Club Euchre Tournament
Saturday, February 20th 2016 6pm-9pm
Avon Village Hall 74 Genesee St Avon NY

Entry fee:
($10 goes to the Avon Lions Club and $10 goes into the tournament prize pool)

* Four person partner play
* After each round, players will redraw a new table and a new partner (to lower the risk of cheating)
* Each round, players will draw Jacks for partners for that particular round
* The round will consist of 8 total deals (each player deals twice)
* After the 8 rounds, players will hand in their score sheet signed by the opposing player and pick their new table assignment (each round, players will have a different partner).

We will play as many rounds as possible by 9pm. When it gets close to 9pm, the directors will call last round. At the conclusion, scores will be compiled and the person with highest score will be the first place winner.

The tournament will pay out the top ten percent of players (ie. If we have 57 players we will pay out 5 spots). At this point we are not sure of the number of total players so we will announce the exact amounts on the night of the tournament.

We will hold 50/50 raffles throughout the night.

Food and Beverage:
You can bring your own adult beverages. There is a fridge at the clubhouse, but recommend bringing your own cooler. We will be collecting the returnable’s for the Club, so we will take them for you. Pizza will be available for purchase at cost for players and light snacks and beverages will be provided at no charge.

Please keep in mind this is our 1st go at this so there might be some kinks to work out, but it should be a fun night. Please see any Lions Club member for more info. We are selling tickets in advance (max number of 100 players). Tickets can also be purchased at Avon Feed, The Village Restaurant, and Avon Wine and Spirits.

For more information, contact Lion Zack Clarry at 315-657-8563 or