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The Avon Lions Meet
On the First and Third Wed.
Since the Avon Inn is closing 12/31/2015 we are currently looking for a place to meet.
Please call our President Gary Necaster at 585-245-3651 if you wish to visit.

Meet the 2015 - 2016 Avon Lions Club
Board of Directors

Gary A. Necaster - President
James Carney - Secretary

Kevin Patrick - Treasurer
Chris LeBlanc - Lion Tamer
Frank Matusak - Tail Twister
Zachary Clarry - One year Director
Klaas deWaard - One Year Director
Joe Tuchrello - Two Year Director
 Timothy Cole - Two Year Director
Jeffrey Ingersoll -  2nd Vice President
Patrick McCormick - 1st Vice President
Thomas Bartolini - Membership Chairman
C. Thomas Moran -  Immediate Past President

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